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Description of Fees

CSU Category I Fees
Fee Description
Tuition Fee The Tuition Fee is a CSU system-wide mandatory fee, set and approved by the CSU Board of Trustees, and used to support basic instruction and other mandatory university costs. It is a CSU Category I fee, which is charged at the same rate and for the same purpose at all campuses and must be paid to attend the university.
Non-Resident Tuition Fee (if applicable) Charged to non-resident students, to cover the full cost of education. No state support is provided for non-resident students.
Graduate Business Professional Fee (if applicable) Charged only to students enrolled in required courses in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Formerly known as Professional Program Fee


At Sonoma State University all of the Campus Based Fees below (CSU Category II fees) are subject to increase each academic year based on the Bay Area Consumer Price Index (following 2001 student referendum).

CSU Category II (Campus Based) Fees
Fee Description
Associated Students Fee This fee was established by California Education Code and supported by student referendum. It supports the student body organization established to provide a variety of programs, services and organizations to enhance the student experience. Examples of these activities include Associated Students Productions (ASP) events, Student Government, Join Us Making Progress (JUMP), the Children's School, the Tutorial Center, and funding for many student clubs. See Associated Students for additional information.
Consolidated Services Fee This fee consolidated several previously charged miscellaneous administrative services and document related fees for such things as transcripts, diploma, initial I.D. card, and graduation.
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Fee This fee was enacted in response to a CSU Executive Order which requires a certain level of mental health services to be provided on the campus. The required basic services supported by this fee include: counseling/psychotherapy, suicide and personal violence services, emergency/crisis services, outreach, mental health consultation, and referral resources. In addition, this fee supports the crisis advocacy services for the campus. See CAPS for additional information.
Health Facilities Fee This fee exists under the authority of the California Education Code, with the current fee level supported by student referendum to specifically fund the acquisition, construction, improvement, maintenance and repair of the Student Health Center facility. See Student Health Center for additional information.
Instructionally Related Activities Fee This fee was supported by student referendum and provides funding for programs related to instruction, such as Athletics, the Center for Performing Arts, the Library, and the Children’s School. Additionally, the IRA fee supports many other student activities, including various educational lecture series and the STAR student newspaper.
Student Health Fee This fee exists under the authority of the California Education Code and was supported by student referendum to more reliably fund the availability, staffing, supplies and operation of the Student Health Center. This includes the availability of student access to basic health services such as outpatient primary medical care for illness and injury; health maintenance and preventive services; first aid; pharmacy, lab, and x-ray services; health education; campus public health services; medical disaster and disease outbreak response; and other health related functions. See Student Health Center for additional information.
Student Union Fee This fee was supported by student referendum and supports the financing, construction, maintenance, student programming, and operation of student body facilities, such as the Student Center and the Recreation Center. See Student Center and Recreation Center for additional information: