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Petty Cash

Dollar Puzzle

Petty cash is no longer processed by the Seawolf Service Center. Employees can now be reimbursed for business related expenses through the SAP Concur system.

  • If assistance is needed to utilize Concur, please join open zoom hours listed at
  • Please note that the department ProCard should be the first option when a purchase needs to be made for the University. 
  • Allowable reimbursements include:
    • Hospitality in accordance with the hospitality policy. Payment request must include an itemized receipt and a completed hospitality form. Gratuity may not exceed 20%. Anything over 20% will not be reimbursed.
    • Commodities/goods up to $500.00 (inclusive of tax, etc.). Items must be picked up at vendor location or shipped to an SSU approved campus address. Payment request must include an itemized receipt.
  • Non allowable employee reimbursements include but are not limited to: services, software or hardware purchases, commodities/goods over $500, and personal items.