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Terms and Conditions

Feel free to download and print the Seawolf Card Users Agreement (PDF).

Seawolf Card User Agreement

Terms and Conditions Document

The SSU Seawolf Card debit accounts allow the cardholder to electronically authorize transfers of funds for payment for goods and services at participating locations. Any purchases made with the cardholder's Seawolf Card at authorized locations (whether located on or off campus) will be deducted automatically from the cardholder's appropriate Seawolf Card account at the time of purchase.


Location: Seawolf Service Center, Salazar Hall 1000

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (all University holidays are observed)

Phone: (707) 664-2308

Web: /seawolf-card

Mailing Address:

Seawolf Card Attn: Seawolf Service Center

Sonoma State University

1801 East Cotati Avenue

Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Disclosure for Electronic Fund Transfers

The use of the Seawolf Card is subject to all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations contained in this Seawolf Card Users Agreement.

The cardholder agrees that the physical Seawolf Card shall be the property of SSU and must be returned to university officials upon request. This card is non-transferable. A physical Seawolf ID or Virtual Seawolf ID should always be carried on campus. Unauthorized use, duplication, tampering, or alteration may result in disciplinary action. The university will not charge the cardholder for use of the Seawolf Card. Account Maintenance fees may be applied to accounts that have had no activity for 365 days after the account holder’s status is “inactive” in the one card system. See Account Maintenance Fees below.

Cash withdrawals from cardholder's Seawolf Card debit account(s) are not permitted.

Seawolf Card Account Usage and Eligibility

WolfBucks is a declining balance account that can be used for goods and services anywhere the Seawolf Card is accepted. WolfBucks accounts are available to all individuals who are eligible for a Seawolf Card. Eligible individuals include students, faculty, staff, and other approved groups. Balances in WolfBucks carry-over until the cardholder graduates or otherwise permanently leaves the university - see Refunds and Account Maintenance Fees below for information on WolfBucks balances.

Billing and Payment

Payments for student WolfBucks, added to a Seawolf Card, shall be made online by credit card or electronic checks by using the Payments tile on the Online Services page. This page can be found when logging into Faculty/staff purchases by credit card shall be made through the Seawolf Card Management tile.

Seawolf Card Account Activation and Additional Deposits


Students can deposit any amount between $5 and $1000. Faculty and Staff can purchase any amount between $5 and $5000.

Bonus Dollars

Bonus Dollars shall only be associated with a Seawolf Card and are not eligible for gift cards.

Bonus Dollars are activated during a promotion. Bonus Dollars shall be awarded in the form of Bonus Dollars, which are non-refundable and shall not be converted into a cash form. Bonus Dollars carry-over from semester to semester and year to year. Balances are subject to the Account Maintenance Fees terms. All promotional values are subject to the terms of the promotion.

Bonus Dollars are only accepted at retail locations on-campus including dining venues, Campus Prints and the University Store. Bonus Dollars are not accepted at any other locations on campus.



Refund requests for unused WolfBucks shall be processed only after receipt of request, approval of the request and only at the end of the academic year or after the cardholder leaves the university. Refunds shall be processed only when requested by the cardholder. Cardholders can request refunds by emailing the Seawolf Service Center with the name, SSU ID# and requested action. The University will attempt to respond to refund requests within 48 business hours.

Restricted Purchases

Gift Card Policy

Gift cards shall not be purchased with WolfBucks or Bonus Dollars at any campus venue.

Transfers to Student Accounts

In the event that a refund request is approved and there is an outstanding balance on the cardholder's student account, the refund credit amount from the Seawolf Card debit account(s) may be transferred to Student Accounting and credited against the outstanding amounts on the cardholder's student account. In the event that a refund request is approved and the student account is paid in full, a refund check for any remaining reimbursable funds will be forwarded to the last known permanent address of the cardholder. Refund credits are not processed until approved by the university.

For faculty and staff or students without a student account, the refund check will be issued to cardholder's last known address. No cash refunds will be authorized.

Account Maintenance Fees

The University reserves the right to assess account maintenance fees for any accounts with a balance. These fees, if assessed, would begin 365 days after the cardholder’s status becomes “inactive” in the University’s one card system and debited from the outstanding balance(s) until that balance is zero or a refund is requested and approved. No account maintenance fees shall be assessed on an active account.

Cardholder Responsibilities

The cardholder is responsible for all cardholder authorized transactions. This includes any transactions which are completed when the cash registers/terminals/readers are not in direct communication with the system processor or when there are insufficient funds in the cardholder's Seawolf Card debit account(s). Should the cardholder's account contain insufficient funds, the cardholder will be immediately notified to deposit funds to cover such transaction(s) as soon as possible after the system is brought online and the transaction(s) is downloaded to the cardholders Seawolf Card debit account.

Notification and Replacement Procedures for Lost/Stolen Cards or Unauthorized Card Use

To report the card lost or stolen log in to the Seawolf Card Management system and under Account Management select lost/stolen card and then select deactivate.

Replacement Seawolf Cards can be obtained at the Seawolf Service Center during scheduled business hours. A replacement fee must be paid at the time a new card is issued.

Seawolf Card Cardholder's Liability for Unauthorized Purchases

Failure to make a report of a lost or stolen Seawolf Card may result in the loss of funds in the cardholder's Seawolf Card debit account(s). The university is NOT liable for funds lost prior to the report of a lost or stolen Seawolf Card. The Seawolf physical card and virtual card use barcode technology. It shall be the responsibility of the cardholder to secure their physical card, card number, and barcodes.

Error Resolution Procedures

If a cardholder believes there is a discrepancy with a Seawolf Card debit account transaction as shown on cardholder's statement or receipt or the cardholder desires more information about a transaction listed in a statement or receipt, the cardholder should contact the Seawolf Card Office immediately at 707-664-2533 or via email to

(link sends e-mail)

When contacting the Seawolf Card Office, the cardholder should furnish the following information:

(a) cardholder's name and Student or employee ID;

(b) description of the transaction in question and a detailed explanation of the discrepancy; and

(c) the dollar amount of the questioned transaction.

If a cardholder makes a verbal inquiry, the university may require the cardholder to submit the inquiry in writing to the Seawolf Card Office. The university will offer the cardholder the results of the investigation within ten business days after the university hears from the cardholder and will correct any error which was discovered. If the university decides there was no error, it will send the cardholder a written explanation within five business days after the university finishes its investigation.

Change in Terms Notice

SSU reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Seawolf Card use as allowed by local and federal laws. Any future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of the Seawolf Card and Seawolf Card debit accounts will apply to all cards then in circulation and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the Seawolf Card and Seawolf Card debit accounts were acquired. All fees and other charges are subject to change without notice.

SSU Seawolf Card Users Agreement

All Seawolf Card holders must read and agree to abide by SSU Seawolf Card Users Agreement in order to use their Seawolf Card, WolfBucks, or Bonus Dollars account. Use of WolfBucks or Bonus Dollars constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

This notice describes important information regarding your rights. Please retain this disclosure for your records.

Revised 06/08/2023