Petty Cash

Employee Business Expense Reimbursements as of          July 1, 2021

The Employee Business Expense Reimbursement (EBER) form will be reinstated and made available to use for qualifying purchases made on or after July 1, 2021. Please note that only one receipt is allowable per EBER form.


Individuals seeking reimbursement for small departmental expenditures using the SOCMP business unit only may do so at Seawolf Services. Such expenditures are for occasional purchases of low value goods such as office supplies, books, art supplies, etc. Purchases are not to exceed $100 per expenditure (exclusive of sales tax) and only one original receipt is allowable per form. A list of procedures and allowable expenses follows for petty cash reimbursement. Feel free to stop by Seawolf Services or call us at (707) 664-2308 if you have any further questions.

  • An invoice received for cash reimbursement must be listed on a disbursement voucher, using the Employee Business Expense Reimbursement form. A Hospitality Form is also required when seeking reimbursement for a hospitality event/expense. A separate form must be provided for each vendor. A copy of the disbursement voucher may be obtained from Seawolf or Financial Services. Each submitted disbursement voucher for petty cash requires:
    • Two signatures:
      • the person requesting the funds
      • the person authorized to sign for the funds
    • An appropriate chart field string
    • The business unit
    • The description of item purchased and the transaction date
    • An applicable original receipt — All expenditures from the petty cash fund must be documented by a receipt showing the date, name of vendor, item(s) purchased, unit price, total cost, positive evidence that payment was made (i.e., cash register receipt or manual receipt marked "paid"), and the signature of the purchaser indicating receipt of goods.

Allowable Expenditures

  • Office supplies not available through Campus purchasing agreement
  • Emergency repairs
  • Books, audio books or operating manuals
  • Art supplies
  • Ingredients for scientific experiments
  • Hospitality

Expenses NOT Allowed

  • Hazardous Materials; e.g. antifreeze, motor oil, oil filters, gasoline; waxes and polishes, auto batteries, engine cleaners, brake fluid; paints, paint thinner, wood preservatives and finishes; glues and adhesives, solvents, photo chemicals; weed killers, pesticides, medications and syringes.
  • Modeling/consulting or outside service fees
  • Personal expenditures and obligations (such as traffic, parking citations, LDW)
  • Travel expenditures
  • Refund
  • Software or Hardware

Please review the SSU Hospitality Policy regarding requirements for hospitality event purchases.